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Eden Nuclear and Environment Ltd. was established in 2007 to provide consultancy and management services in radioactive waste management and disposal. Since then we have grown to 15 technical staff and 2 business support staff. 

Andy Baker

Andy is Managing Director of Eden Nuclear and Environment. He has around thirty years’ experience in dealing with technical issues relating to radioactive waste management and disposal. His key expertise is in the management and technical co-ordination of safety cases and safety assessments for repositories. Andy has extensive knowledge of the Sellafield site, gained during his time at the Environment Agency and as Lead Member of the Peer Review Committee for Contaminated Land for Sellafield. For the past four years, he has provided senior management and technical support, as Technical Integrator, to the development of the Low Level Waste Repository’s (LLWR’s) Environmental Safety Case (ESC). As such he has an in-depth knowledge of the LLWR site. He has been responsible for the technical approval of all LLWR ESC reports and work specifications and chairs a LLWR ESC-Monitoring Group. He co-authored an ESC report on the LLWR’s monitoring programme and has been responsible for the review and co-ordination of many LLWR monitoring programme documents. He has also undertaken work for NDA (RWMD), SKB and a number of UK and international organisations.

Duncan Jackson

Eden_DXJ (200x200px)Duncan is Technical Director at Eden Nuclear and Environment and has 33 years’ experience in the nuclear industry. His expertise covers a range of environmental and radiological protection activities, review of safety cases, authorisation submissions and environmental monitoring. He is also a leading expert in biosphere assessment for waste disposal facilities. He has been involved in the preparation of several Environmental Safety Cases for the disposal of radioactive waste and Environment Cases for the management of facilities and materials. Duncan was Technical Author for the nuclear industry guidance on BAT and for waste and materials Clearance and Exemption. Duncan has many years’ experience in stakeholder engagement and workshop facilitation. He has been engaged to provide independent services on behalf of many clients, including the industry, regulators and local concern groups. Duncan has also provided training and lectured on approaches to optimisation. Duncan is a Chartered Radiation Protection Professional.

Shelly Mobbs

Eden_SFM (200x200px)Shelly is a director at Eden Nuclear and Environment and has over 35 years of experience of radiation protection and radioactive waste management. She brings a wealth of experience on the radiological impact of disposal of radioactive waste and on radiological assessments of radioactively contaminated land. Her work has included the development of biosphere models and intrusion models for waste disposal assessments; development and maintenance of Environmental Safety Cases; development of radiation protection standards for HPA and ICRP; radiation protection advice to government departments on waste disposal, contaminated land, clearance and exemption; radiological assessments for delicensing and the clean-up of radioactively contaminated land; review of the regulatory regime for nuclear sites in the final stages of decommissioning; protection of groundwater from non-radioactive pollutants; BAT assessments of waste management options; development of a decision framework for recovery after radiation incidents; advice on public consultations and stakeholder involvement for waste management projects; and workshoip facilitation. She has acted as technical editor for NEA/OECD and IAEA reports, and as an invited expert for IAEA. Shelly is a certificated RWA and a Chartered Radiation Protection Professional.

Tim Soetens

Tim joined Eden NE in 2012, bringing in experience from working for the Belgian waste management agency ONDRAF/NIRAS and Belgian waste producers.  He has more than 20 years’ experience related to radioactive waste and nuclear engineering.  His main expertise lies in simulation, modelling and data analysis.  Tim is an experienced user of several modelling tools, including PC-CREAM 08 and the ERICA assessment tool.  He also developed bespoke models using GoldSim, Excel and Scilab.  Tim undertook assessments related to aqueous and aerial discharges, migration in groundwater, human intrusion and impacts to non-human biota, in support of Environmental Safety Cases, Article 37 Submissions and environmental studies for various UK based clients, such as LLWR, Sellafield, Magnox and Dounreay.  Since 2016, Tim has been working extensively with the LLWR’s inventory team to develop a Repository Derived Inventory in cooperation with waste producers.  Tim is a certified RWA and a Chartered Radiation Protection Professional.

Nick Mitchell

Eden_NXM (200x200px)Nick has over 32 years’ experience providing a range of scientific modelling solutions covering radioactive material in the biosphere, radiological assessement, rail infrastructure and municipal waste management activities. He has substantial experience supporting nuclear regulators having contributed to UK implementation of the BSS Directive in UK legislation and provided support to the development of predictive models used to assess radioactive discharges. Nick also helps waste contractors procure and assess long-term management contracts through the development of predictive models for waste flows and process performance. He has also produced models to simulate and assess the uncertain deterioration of rail infrastructure for Network Rail and London Underground. Nick provides support to clients in development and submission of environmental safety cases for the near surface disposal of radioactive waste and associated Article 37 submissions.  He is currently a contributing author to an IAEA publication on the behaviour of Uranium in the environment.

Paul Tulip

Paul has 10 years’ experience in mathematical and computational modelling, including the development of scientific software to model material properties. Since joining Eden Nuclear and Environment, he has applied these skills to develop and apply radiological dose models and models of radionuclide transport in the environment. He has experience in using models to perform radiological risk assessments, and to support the development of environmental safety cases and derivation of waste acceptance criteria for radioactive waste disposal facilities. Paul has supported the development of the LLWR’s Environmental Safety Case, including an application to vary the LLWR’s Permit. As part of these activities, he co-authored and edited a recent Article 37 submission for LLWR, assessing the LLWR’s radiological impact on neighbouring EU states. He is currently developing a BAT study into the disposal of stored wastes at the LLWR. He has also contributed to the development of a conceptual model to understand coastal and marine particles.

Tim Slater

Eden_TPS (200x200px)Tim obtained an undergraduate masters in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Warwick, before moving to Manchester, where he got a PhD in Atmospheric Science.  Tim joined Eden Nuclear and Environment in 2015, and has since worked on a variety of projects including providing technical support to LLW Repository Ltd.’s Environmental Safety Case (ESC) and inventory teams; helping to develop the NDA Value Framework and undertaking various human intrusion and other environmental radiological assessments to facilitate radioactive waste disposal across a number of UK nuclear sites.  Tim has also contributed to numerous BAT assessments, completed work on site delicensing and investigated approaches to knowledge management to prevent intrusion into residual contamination after release from RSR.

Mark Tearle

Mark has recently joined the Eden Nuclear and Environment team from the Office for Nuclear Regulation.  He has over 20 years’ experience of inspecting, assessing and developing safety cases for radioactive waste storage and disposal facilities in the UK and overseas. Mark is keen to establish fit-for-purpose and pragmatic solutions for waste management problems that meet regulatory expectations and the needs of other stakeholders.  Relevant experience includes being lead author of the NDA’s Guidance on Interim Storage of Higher Activity Wastes; Portfolio Manager of Magnox’s Generic R&D Waste Programme and Chair of the Nuclear Waste Research Forum;  and Principal Intelligent Customer of Higher Activity Waste at Magnox Ltd.  By background Mark is a professionally qualified chemist (CChem MRSC), and for many years an accomplished modeller of long-term performance of several nuclear-waste facilities.

Amy Jukes

Amy joined the Eden Nuclear and Environment team in 2016 after completing her MSc in Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management at the University of Birmingham, with Distinction. During the course she studied a range of topics including processing, storage and disposal of nuclear wastes; site decommissioning and environmental management; radiation detection, protection and dosimetry and policy and regulation. Since joining the company, Amy has provided support to a variety of projects for LLW Repository Ltd’s Environmental Safety Case Team, including carrying out a Periodic Review of the Environmental Safety Case.  She is also supporting a number of Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Direct Research Portfolio projects, which has involved engaging with stakeholders and co-authoring reports.

Paul Abraitis

Paul joined Eden Nuclear and Environment from the Nuclear Regulation Group of the Environment Agency (EA), where he had responsibilities for nuclear reactor fleet regulation, generic design assessment of nuclear reactors and nuclear waste assessment.  His academic background is in earth and chemical sciences and he has worked in several nuclear roles, including research, regulation and site operations.  He has extensive project management experience.  His technical work has included both desk-based and experimental studies relating to radioactive waste immobilisation and disposal.

Hannah Johnston

Hannah re-joined the team upon graduating from the University of Edinburgh with a  degree in Ecological and Environmental Sciences. Hannah studied a wide range of topics at university including environmental pollution, atmospheric modelling, hydrology and project management. In her final year Hannah specialised in environmental geochemistry and she completed her thesis as a part of the Long-Lived Radionuclides in the Surface Environment (LO-RISE) research project. Her work focused on the fate of Sellafield derived 14C in the coastal environments surrounding the Solway Firth.  Hannah will be supporting a range of projects concerned with environmental and waste management issues.

Nick Collier

Nick joined the team from the Immobilisation Science Laboratory at The University of Sheffield, where he had responsibilities for developing cementitious matrices for use in Deep Borehole Disposal of high-level waste and spent fuel. Prior to this Nick was a Senior Research Technologist in the Immobilisation Science and Technology team at the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), where he had several roles assessing and developing existing and novel intermediate level waste encapsulation/immobilisation processes. He also had strategic roles at NNL involved in waste management and decommissioning, and was an NNL Research Fellow. His academic background is in cementation of radioactive waste, but he is also a chartered mechanical engineer (IMechE), and through this has previous extensive project engineering and management experience. His technical work has included both desk-based and experimental studies relating to radioactive waste immobilisation and disposal.

Ian Godfrey

Ian completed his PhD in materials chemistry at University College London, where he focussed on the synthesis and characterisation of metal nanomaterials. As part of this, Ian spent a year working at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Ishikawa, Japan, where he performed nanomaterials synthesis and catalytic testing. Following his PhD, Ian worked as a postdoc, characterising functional, thermochromic metal-oxide nanomaterials and thin films. Before joining Eden Nuclear and Environment, Ian provided freelance technical editing services in chemistry and materials science, revising scientific manuscripts prior to peer-reviewed publication to ensure that they were clear, accurate and met all required language, technical and formatting standards.

Paul Gilchrist

Paul joined from Jacobs and has been involved in the UK nuclear sector since the mid-80s, in research, strategic, engineering and academic roles. He has been teaching at the nuclear postgraduate Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Nuclear Energy for over 10 years where he is a Visiting Professor in Nuclear Fuel Cycle. His key expertise is nuclear materials chemistry and he has a proven track record in national level programme and strategic innovation, using influence and knowledge to affect change in front end engineering project delivery, regulatory approaches and scientific understanding in both small projects and multi-billion pound nuclear programmes. He has detailed experience in all aspects of the nuclear cycle and technologies, including Government nuclear policy development and large infrastructure Government level business case delivery. He has been a senior consultant to Government as the lead reviewer for the Hinkley Point C Decommissioning and Waste Management Plan (DWMP), was involved in the review of the Funding Assurance Plan (FAP) and made recommendations to UK Government’s BEIS (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) Department over the scope and validity of the Hinkley Point Strike Price over 4 years. Additionally, he was the senior external consultant to NuGen for the preparation of the Moorside DWMP over 18 months.  He was recognised at a global level in 2016 by Jacobs for technical expertise and leadership as the only Nuclear Technical Fellow in the global Jacobs Group. Paul has recently served on or chaired a wide variety of UK nuclear committees, such as the Nuclear Industry Association’s BREXIT Committee, The NSSG’s High-Level Skills Committee, The National College for Nuclear’s Curriculum and Qualifications Advisory Group, and NSAN’s External Advisory Board.

Rosie Newton

Rosie started as a new employee on 2nd January 2020, having previously been a doctoral candidate at Lancaster University.  Rosie obtained her PhD in Nuclear Engineering by researching “Characteristic responses of a COTS CCD to α, β, and neutron-induced triton radiations, and strategies to reduce noise”.   Rosie also has a broad understanding of current radiation detector technologies and their applications through her research group at Lancaster University, which focused on neutron and gamma detection systems, and through attending national and international conferences in the field of radiation detection.  Rosie undertook her PhD as part of the Next Generation Nuclear Centre for Doctoral Training.  This was a mixed taught and research PhD, with modules including: Introduction to the Chemistry and Physics of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle; Nuclear Engineering; and Waste and Environment. Rosie also completed additional courses covering International Nuclear Law and Radiation Protection Supervisor training.  Rosie has experience in science communication, having organised and taken part in outreach activities educating the general public and school groups, in her role as a graduate teaching assistant, and through presenting research at international conferences.


We also work closely with Associates to meet the needs of our clients.  If you would be interested in working with us, please contact us.

Andrea Runkee

Andrea is Eden Nuclear and Environment’s Business Manager.  She is involved in all aspects of the business administration function and supports the operation of the company with financial and administrative services.  Andrea has been registered as a PRINCE2 Practitioner and has specialised in delivering projects supporting SME’s in Cumbria with their growth and development.

Jan Johnson

Jan is Eden Nuclear and Environment’s new Business Administrator since October 2018.  She assists the Business Manager and supports the operation of the company with financial and administrative services.  Jan has an AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting and over 15 years’ experience in Finance and Administrative roles within the private and charity sectors.