Managing Environmental Liabilities
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Decision Support

Eden NE assists clients in reaching robust decisions about the management of environmental liabilities.  We undertake supporting technical studies, and design and deliver optimisation studies according to BAT, NDA Value Framework or other methodologies.  Our staff are recognised for their extensive capabilities in facilitation.

  • Underpinning technical studies
  • Optimisation
  • BAT
  • Facilitation

Site Remediation

We advise clients on the approach to site restoration and release from regulatory control.  This includes the preparation of regulatory submissions and advice on regulatory issues.  We undertake supporting technical studies to determine the radiological impacts of in-situ contamination and advise on required clean-up levels.

  • Regulatory submissions
  • Assessment methodologies
  • Remediation strategies

Waste Modelling

Eden NE advises clients on waste management, providing disposal options analysis and optimisation to produce the best value solution. Services include mass balance and logistics modelling, providing projections of materials segregated by recycling/disposal treatment processes and sensitivity to waste input composition..

Managing Contaminated Land

Eden NE provides a range of consultancy services associated with the management of contaminated land such as desk studies, radiological assessment and the development of waste management strategies.

  • Impact assessments
  • Remediation strategies
  • Underpinning technical studies

Recent projects

Recovery and reuse of construction and demolition materials in voids and landscaping on nuclear licensed sites

Eden NE provided a fundamental assessment of the key decommissioning issues that needed to be taken into account in the recovery and reuse of construction and demolition wastes.

NDA value framework

Eden NE was contracted by NDA to update the NDA Value Framework, for which the consultation period has now been completed.  The NDA Value Framework was first published in January 2016 as part of NDA’s Strategy III, and will be used to support decision-making across the NDA estate.

The NDA commissioned Eden NE to revise and update the existing Value Framework to provide a tool for assessing options across a wide range of applications, including strategic decision making, demonstration of the application of Best Available Techniques and operational facilities.  Eden NE also provided content for a short ‘easy to understand’ brochure summarising the key principles of the Value Framework and its application

The published version of the NDA Value Framework is available at the this link.

Municipal waste site on the Isle of Wight

Eden NE assisted Viridor Ltd in their bid submission to the Isle of Wight Council to manage municipal waste collection, recycling and disposal over a 25 year period.