Developing Waste Strategies
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BPEO, BPM and BAT assessments

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Our team has extensive experience in the application of Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO), Best Practicable Means (BPM) and Best Available Techniques (BAT) assessments and in leading Data Quality Objectives (DQO) studies.  We have supported a broad range of site operators including Sellafield, Magnox and URENCO and AWE, as well as the Environment Agency.  We offer tailored support programmes from one-day facilitated ‘weight of evidence’ workshops to fully underpinned studies with associated multi-criteria decision analysis using excellent facilitation and reporting skills.  In many instances, we can also provide independent expert technical input.

  • Aligned with regulatory and industrial guidance
  • Fully supported qualitative (logical argument) assessments
  • Intelligent use of MADA/MCDA
  • Friendly and expert workshop facilitation

 Waste strategies

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Eden NE provides expert services to support nuclear site operators in the development and ongoing maintenance of Waste Strategies to meet regulator, NDA and other stakeholder requirements. Our team has extensive experience of the initial development, annual update and peer review of nuclear site waste strategies.  Our experience that encompasses many nuclear licensed sites.

  • Waste policy and legislation guidance
  • Full Environmental Safety Case (ESC) and Environment Case (EC) support
  • Management and disposal of NORM
  • Independent review and optimisation

Stakeholder engagement support

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We offer stakeholder engagement and risk communication programmes tailored to client requirements, underpinned by a detailed understanding of radiation protection and radioactive waste management needs.  We have established a track record of supporting the UK nuclear industry.

We offer advice on a range of communication strategies and objective setting.

  • Stakeholder engagement planning
  • Stakeholder view surveys and analysis
  • Managing risk perception

Training and development


Our team has provided support in developing and delivering training programmes for options assessments, identifying and implementing BAT, identifying radionuclide sources and radiological assessments associated with discharges and disposals, radiation protection and safety assessments, and the use of optimisation tools in environmental decision making.  We are often asked to give presentations at IBC Nuclear seminars, other conferences or workshops and lectures at universities.

  • Radioactive discharges and disposal practices
  • Radiological protection and safety assesments
  • Options evaluation and decision making




Recent Projects 

Scottish ILW policy and waste options for Final Site Clearance of Magnox reactor sites

Eden NE has assisted in the in the identification of waste management strategies for ILW in Scotland and for Final Site Clearance wastes arising at Magnox sites in England and Wales.  Areas investigated have included the development of regional approaches for waste storage and conditioning, strategies to reduce waste volumes and time sequenced characterisation of wastes to enable safe and economic disposal following interim storage.

Legacy fuel

On behalf of Sellafield Ltd. we have assisted with the movement of spent fuel and legacy materials to enable safe and efficient decommissioning of older facilities on site, thereby reducing the hazards associated with continuing storage until a final end point is available.

IBC Nuclear seminars

We have presented lectures at several seminars organised by IBC Nuclear and Informa, sharing our knowledge and experience with the nuclear industry.