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Repository Safety Cases


Our team has undertaken work for a range of disposal facilities including the Geological Disposal Facility, the Low Level Waste Repository, landfill facilities for Low Level Waste and Very Low Level Waste, as well as overseas disposal facilities in Sweden and Finland.

  • Environmental Safety Case preparation, co-ordination and management
  • Preparation of “Article 37” documentation
  • Authorship of regulatory submissions
  • In-depth understanding of regulatory issues

Assessments of radiological impact

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We undertake a range of expert assessments in support of permit applications, including addressing short-term and long-term radioactive releases to the environment, impacts to non-human biota, doses arising as a result of human intrusion and impacts to other Member States of the European Union.

  • Advice on radiation protection principles
  • Impact assessment for non-human biota
  • Assessments using Goldsim and other model platforms

Programme management

We provide programme management and technical secretariat services in the areas of radioactive waste management and disposal, radiological assessments and environmental radioactivity.  Our staff have a wealth of experience of supporting the IAEA, the European Commission, international fora and UK environmental regulators and site operators.

  • Working group coordination
  • Advice on stakeholder engagement and assessment panels
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Event and workshop organisation


Technical authorship

Eden NE provides high quality technical authors and independent review across a broad range of specialist radioactive waste management and radiation protection issues. Our expertise includes nuclear safety, radiation protection and environmental impact assessments.  Our staff have undertaken work for the IAEA, Possiva, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, ONDRAF/NIRAS, European Commission and UK operators and regulators.  We also provide peer review for a number of leading radiological protection journals.





Recent Projects 

LLWR Permit application


Eden NE has provided technical co-ordination and specific input to assist LLWR in preparing supporting documentation to vary its existing Permit.

ENRMF Permit application

(c) Augean plc

Eden NE has supported the Radioactive Services Division of Augean plc in the development of the Environmental Safety Case  for the East Northants Resource Management Facility since 2012.

Supporting the generic development of a Geological Disposal Facility in the UK

Staff of Eden NE have provided technical input to the Generic Disposal System Safety Case (DSSC) in a number of documents and assessments spanning the operational and post-closure phases.  In addition to supporting, Eden NE has facilitated two workshops on behalf of Radioactive Waste Management aimed at refining their research programme for the development of the UK’s Geological Disposal Facility.