nuclear & environmental consultancy

Supporting our clients in the development of safe, sustainable and economically achievable solutions for managing waste.

Who we are

We are a team of technical specialists providing consultancy and management services in the nuclear and environmental sectors.

What we do

We help clients develop effective strategies, manage environmental impacts and address regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

We work in close relationship with our clients, providing a high level of technical excellence through cost effective and targeted delivery programmes.


Eden Nuclear and Environment Ltd was established in 2007 to provide independent consultancy and management services within the nuclear sector and for other users of radioactive materials. Our aim is to support our clients in the development of safe, sustainable and economically achievable solutions for managing nuclear and environmental liabilities. Our clients include Government, regulators, and organisations in the fields of waste management, waste disposal, and facility decommissioning. The services we provide are explained in detail in Services.

We are an employee-owned organisation currently with 16 staff working across and outside the UK, and we also maintain a wide network of Associates and subcontractors who can offer specialist support. We are proud to be committed to a model of employee ownership and engagement facilitated through direct shareholdings, a Share Incentive Plan, an Employee Benefit Trust, profit share, and 6-monthly business meetings attended by all staff. Not only does following an employee ownership model provide significant benefits associated with staff motivation and engagement, but it also attracts talent and improves employee retention. The majority of our employees are based in our Penrith office, but some are located across the UK, with experience of multiple nuclear sites, which enables flexibility when a presence at site is warranted. Whilst all our employees are highly trained and experienced within their field, we also focus on skills development for all employees particularly those at the earlier stages of their careers. Some of our employees are Certified Radioactive Waste Advisors (UK RWA).

We work on a consultancy model where all senior staff are involved in technical delivery as well as project management. This allows us to deliver technical excellence at the same time as providing small, flexible and efficient working teams. We use a “best athlete” approach when working in frameworks or when working in projects involving multiple organisations. Our technical delivery is supported by administrative staff which enables timely resolution of commercial issues.

Quality is at the heart of all the work that we perform for our clients, and we have an ISO 9001:2015 certified Management System. We are also Cyber Essentials Plus certified, and are certified to handle information up to the OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE classification.