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NDA’s Direct Research Portfolio for “Nuclear Materials and Spent Fuel (NM & SF)”

Eden Nuclear and Environment Ltd and our partners are delighted to have been awarded a place on the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's Direct Research Portfolio (2020-2024) for provision of "Nuclear Materials and Spent Fuels" services.

Our team, which includes Integrated Decision Management (IDM), NSG Environmental Limited, Nuclear-21, TÜV UK and the University of Bristol, is looking forward to supporting NDA on this important Framework over the next four years.

The Framework Contract is intended to support the full scope of R&D to develop and implement the Nuclear Materials & Spent Fuels (NM&SF) strategies as outlined in the NDA Strategy. The topics covered include:

  • Plutonium disposition: One of the most complex challenges facing the NDA in dealing with the UK's nuclear legacy is the management and, ultimately, disposition of the inventory of separated plutonium held in the UK.
  • Uranics management: The size of the UK's separated unirradiated and previously irradiated uranium-containing stocks is large and comes in a variety of chemical and material forms. The current strategic approach is continued safe and secure storage pending the identification of opportunities for sale for reuse where practicable or conditioning to an appropriate form for disposal.
  • Spent Fuels Management: The NDA inventory of spent nuclear fuels is diverse and consists of large quantities of Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (AGR) fuels with smaller quantities of Magnox and non-standard diverse fuel types, which are referred to as 'exotic fuels'. The fuels have a variety of enrichment and irradiation histories.

Dr Andy Baker, Managing Director of Eden Nuclear and Environment, said

"The NDA's DRP Framework is vitally important to the delivery of the UK's civil nuclear decommissioning mission. We look forward to joining with NDA and other teams to deliver collaborative projects utilising the deep and diverse expertise from our team and our new partners."

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