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Strategic Considerations for the Sustainable Remediation of Nuclear Installations

Eden Nuclear and Environment have been working with members of the NEA Task Group on Nuclear Site Remediation, acting astechnical editor for a report drawing on the experience of site remediation in NEA countries. The report on the Strategic Considerations for the Sustainable Remediation of Nuclear Installations has now been published and is available from the NEA at https://www.oecd-nea.org/rwm/pubs/2016/7290-strategic-considerations.pdf. It describes the general principles and approaches to sustainable remediation, the determination of site end states and remediation goals, and the preparation of a remediation plan, draws conclusions and makes recommendations. Eden NE also prepared the poster on the report that was presented at the IAEA International Conference on Advancing the Global Implementation of Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Programmes in Madrid in May 2016 http://www-pub.iaea.org/iaeameetings/50801/international-conference-on-advancing-the-global-implementation-of-decommissioning-and-environmental-remediation-programmes.

Eden NE has also acted as technical author for a report by the NEA Co-operative Programme on Decommissioning on the experience of nuclear site remediation in NEA countries. It contains twelve case studies and discusses key issues, examples of good practice, and recommendations arising from consideration of these case studies. The report, Nuclear Site Remediation and Restoration during Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations, is also available from NEA at https://www.oecd-nea.org/rwm/pubs/2014/7192-cpd-report.pdf.

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