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Waste Management/Disposal

Between June 2022 and January 2024, Eden NE led a feasibility study considering Near-Surface Disposal (NSD) in Scotland. Scottish Higher Activity Waste (HAW) Policy is that HAW should be managed in near-surface facilities, which could include NSD facilities. We were supported by our subcontractors WSP, Hydrock Ltd, Gardiner and Theobald and Cyclife...
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NDA's Direct Research Portfolios Eden NE lead one of the consortia of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to have won a place on the latest Integrated Waste Management and Site Decommissioning and Remediation framework as part of NDA's Direct Research Portfolio. Eden NE has previously worked with partners on this framework on many successful ...
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Working in collaboration with NSG Environmental Ltd, Eden NE undertook a detailed review of the UKRWI to assess waste stocks and forecast arisings to 2050, for both LLW and borderline LLW/ILW streams, to understand the likely packaging requirements to support their management and disposal. The project included performing a review of the different p...
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Eden NE produced a version 2 of the Waste Metrics Dashboard, including an accompanying Guidance Document and a Formula Booklet, for the National Waste Programme Office (NWPO). The Waste Metrics Dashboard is a tool to report progress made by the UK radioactive waste industry in terms of the volume of radioactive waste managed via disposal and d...
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Our client, Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) have a responsibility to ensure the waste hierarchy (see illustration below) can be implemented by waste owners and have an influence on setting prices for many of the available waste management routes. Eden NE partnered with NSG Environmental to deliver a project to NWS, which has helped to shape Nuclear De...
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Operational Support. Eden NE has provided support to the Cyclife with various waste management tasks. Embedded within the Cyclife Team, we regularly provide operational assistance in the assessment of waste requiring consignment via the LLWR Waste Management Services Framework. This work includes the technical review of waste documentation includin...
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